Forum’s Pod Squad Visits Southside Park

"Port of Call: Earth"  by local artist Joe Scarpa

“Port of Call: Earth” by local artist Joe Scarpa, 2005

Patrick , Isaac and Cindy sit down with Southside Park Resident Jay Hansen at Insight Coffee Roasters.  This is a guy who saw an empty lot while on his way to the Sunday Farmers Market and thought, “hmm, I should buy that and build a house on it.”  And he did.

Who does that??

A guy who sees a neighborhood with one of the richest histories in our city, an amazing park, great houses – new and old, incredible diversity and proximity to just about everything.  That’s who.

Once known for its famous 4th & T prostitute stroll, Southside Park is now a neighborhood that seems to have it all.  They even have something that every other neighborhood in the city wants, but can’t have: a flying RV.


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