The Art of Beer. . . and ZOMBIES!

The Art of BeerYou never know where a conversation will go.  We sat down with Jennifer Irwin to talk about The Art of Beer.  We love beer on Forum.  We love local restaurants.  We love local artists.  So, how can this not be a good episode, right?

Each year this festival brings together some of the very best breweries, artists, and food vendors from across California to celebrate the Art of Beer. The event features a beer tasting from 20 California breweries, a food pairing area, a silent auction, and an art exhibition. A portion of the proceeds go to support Ales for Autism, an organization that creates events to provide funding for care and research in Autism and Stanford Youth Solutions, one of California’s oldest non-profit’s dedicated to children.

That’s enough, right?  Well, then the conversation turns to zombies.  As it turns out, Jennifer knows about more than beer, food and art.  She is the ultimate expert on all things ZOMBIES.  Enjoy!  Next stop. . . the Marshall School Neighborhood.


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