Forum Visits Midtown: A Great Place to Live, Work, and Play

Midtown PhotoMidtown is so big, it could almost be considered  a mix of neighborhoods rather than a neighborhood unto itself.  From the Sutter District to the Handle, to Lavender Heights, Midtown provides an eclectic mix of boutiques, bars, galleries and restaurants among some of Sacramento’s most interesting (and in some cases not so interesting) architecture. Whether you live there, work there, visit there, or are passing through, you will almost certainly agree that Midtown’s unique charm and spirit are unrivaled in our City.

On this episode, Forum - Sacramento’s Digital Town Square sits down at one of Sacramento’s premier coffee houses and neighborhood hangouts, Old Soul (on the alley), for a fast paced conversation with with two Midtowners.

Richard Rich moved to Midtown after spending most his life in the burbs of other cities.  He’s had opportunities to leave, but his roots are now as deep as those of his neighborhood’s famous tree canopy.

Liz Studebaker landed in Midtown after working for a business association in San Diego.  As Executive Director of the Midtown Business Association, with 900 members, she has her hands full.  But in a short period of time she has come to know what makes this neighborhood special.  And, reportedly, she can parallel park with the best of them.

Both share with us what it is like to do business in Midtown and live there.  And both lend a perspective that shows why this is a great Sacramento Neighborhood.

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